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[New] NETSURF PRODUCTS PRICE LIST 2022 | Download Netsurf Products PDF Now

 Established in the year 2000, Netsurf is one of the leading direct selling companies in India, founded by Sujit Sohalnal Jain and Sanjay Malpani on 15th March 2000. Netsurf is a legal direct selling company which is registered under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). Netsurf operates in more than 633 Districts, 5000 Blocks of India. Netsurf has more than 2.5 Million consumers across India. It offers 86 result oriented Natural products across four product categories of Health Care, Personal Care, Home care and Agriculture. It has its own manufacturing facilities to ensure the best product quality.

In todays post we are going to share All new Netsurf Products Price List of 2022, Product Price list is an important tool for every direct seller to keep with them. If you are the registered direct seller of Netsurf, then you will get all the products in discounted price. before going further let us share a complete Netsurf company profile with you.

Netsurf Company Profile

Company Registered Name :Netsurf Communications (P) Ltd.
Date of Registration :15th March 2000.
Company Directors :Mr. Sujit Jain & Mr. Sanjay Malpani
CIN No.U72900PN2000PTC142615
Head Office :Sr. No. 107, Plot No. 2, Baner Road,
Baner. Pune- 411 045, India.
Website :

Netsurf Products Category

Netsurf offers 86 result oriented Natural products across following product categories.

  • Health Care
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Agriculture
  • Color Cosmetics

Netsurf Product Brands

  • Naturamore
  • Herbs and More
  • Biofit
  • Clean and More
  • Rang De

Health Care Netsurf Products Price List

Netsurf Naturamore Products

1Netsurf Naturamore Plus French Vanilla Flavor540100gm
2Netsurf Naturamore For Kids Chocolate Cookie Flavor360100gm
3Netsurf Naturamore For Women Masala Milk Flavor420100gm
4Netsurf Naturamore For Women French Vanilla Flavor420100gm
5Netsurf Naturamore French Vanilla Flavor460100gm
6Netsurf Naturamore Plus French Vanilla Flavor1940400gm
7Netsurf Naturamore For Kids Chocolate Cookie Flavor1350400gm
8Netsurf Naturamore For Women Masala Milk Flavor1575400gm
9Netsurf Naturamore For Women French Vanilla Flavor1575400gm
10Netsurf Naturamore French Vanilla Flavor1700400gm
11Netsurf Naturamore Masala Milk1400350gm
12Netsurf Naturamore Women Wellness20010nos
13Netsurf Naturamore Eye Care20010nos
14Netsurf Naturamore Nutri Liver16510nos
15Netsurf Naturamore Nutri Heart16510nos
16Netsurf Naturamore Men’s Wellness23010nos
17Netsurf Naturamore Lifestyle Plus15010nos
18Netsurf Naturamore Joint Care New16510nos
19Netsurf Naturamore Easy Detox16510nos
20Netsurf Naturamore Destress20010nos
21Netsurf Naturamore Joint Care New49530nos
22Netsurf Naturamore Immune Plus60060nos
23Netsurf Naturamore Women’s Wellness60030nos
24Netsurf Naturamore Eye Care60030nos
25Netsurf Naturamore De Stress60030nos
26Netsurf Naturamore Men’s Wellness New69030nos
27Netsurf Naturamore Easy Detox49530nos
28Netsurf Naturamore Nutriheart49530nos
29Netsurf Naturamore Nutriliver49530nos
30Netsurf Naturamore Lifestyle Plus45030nos

Netsurf Personal Care Products Price List

Netsurf Herbs and More Products

Netsurf – Herbs and More – Vitamin Therapy

32Netsurf Vitamin Therapy Face Mist 100 New280100ml
33Netsurf Herbs & More Hygiene Pack7851nos
34Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel22525gm
35Netsurf Vitamin Therapy Face Wash New220100gm
36Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash For Him250100gm
37Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash For Her250100gm
38Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Night Cream49550gm
39Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Day Cream49550gm
40Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Lip Butter18010gm
41Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Bb Cream28030gm
42Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Nourishing Shampoo 100 Sulphate free250100ml
43Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Antidandruff Nourishing Shampoo 100 Sulphate free250100ml
44Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Nourishing Hair Conditioner250100gm
45Netsurf Vitamin Therapy Hair Nutriment New36080gm
46Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Hair Serum650100ml
47Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Body Wash220100ml
48Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Body Lotion275100ml
49Netsurf Vitamin Therapy Moisturizing Soap 5Pkt400375gm
50Netsurf Vitamin Therapy Sunscreen395100gm

Netsurf – Herbs and More – Professional

51Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Professional Massage Cream220100gm
52Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Professional Cleansing Lotion220100gm
53Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Professional Face Pack220100gm
54Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Professional Massage Gel220100gm
55Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Professional Face Scrub220100gm
56Netsurf Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Professional Face Toner220100gm

Netsurf – Herbs and More – Ayurveda

57Netsurf Oral Cleanser175100ml
58Netsurf Herbal Dental Paste New180125gm
59Netsurf Aloe Turmeric Cream16075gm
60Netsurf Herbs & More Muscular Pain Cream25050gm
61Netsurf Herbs & More Crackz Cream17050gm
62Netsurf Anti Pimple Cream15075gm
63Netsurf Neem Turmeric Antiseptic Cream15075gm

Agriculture Netsurf Products Price List

Netsurf Biofit Products

64Netsurf Bio 99 5001399500mlt
65Netsurf Bio 99 250749250mlt
66Netsurf Stim Rich Concentrate 250600250mlt
67Netsurf Stim Rich 1 Ltr. New16951ltr
68Netsurf Stim Rich 5001000500mlt
69Netsurf S.H.E.T.12001000mlt
70Netsurf Intact New 2501500250mlt
71Netsurf Wrap Up 1Ltr New15001ltr
72Netsurf Cfc Plus650500gm
73Netsurf Cattle Feed Concentrate325280gm
74Netsurf Aqua Culture350500mlt
75Netsurf Netsurf Aqua Clear600250gm
76Netsurf Aqua Feed400250gm

Home Care Netsurf Products Price List

Netsurf Clean and More Products

77Netsurf Clean & More Fabric Wash And Conditioner395500mlt
78Netsurf Clean & More Multipurpose Home Cleaner375500mlt

Color Cosmetics Netsurf Products Price List

Netsurf Rang De (Exotically Indian) Product Range

79Netsurf Primer34930gm
80Netsurf Lipstick Gehu Shade5991nos
81Netsurf Lipstick Madhubani Shade5991nos
82Netsurf Lipstick Beryl Shade5991nos
83Netsurf Lipstick Rati Shade5991nos
84Netsurf Bb Cream Spf 50 Sunehri28030gm
85Netsurf Bb Cream Spf 50 Chandan28030gm
86Netsurf Bb Cream Spf 50 Shahad28030gm

Netsurf Offers Scheme

To start your lavish carrier in direct selling industry with netsurf you can start by selecting one of the below scheme.

  • MRP 20,000/- Get 40% Discount (Master Status)
  • MRP 15,000/- Get 35% Discount (Master Status)
  • MRP 10,000/- Get 30% Discount (All Products)
  • MRP 8,000/- Get 25% Discount (All Products) +1 Gift Box
  • MRP 6,000/- Get 25% Discount (All Products)
  • MRP 1,500/- Get 20% Discount (All Products)

Netsurf Joining Pack

  • Pack 1 : 4,000 – 8,999 PE 15%
  • Pack 2 : 9,000 – 14,999 PE 20%
  • Pack 3 : 15,000 – 29,999 PE 25%
  • Pack 4 : 30,000 – 50,000 PE 30%

Download Netsurf Products List 2022

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